Better Every Day

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How Do I Become Better Every Day?

Today was a serious struggle! It’s a Saturday, and particularly a significant Saturday, as it is the first one in probably no less than 2 months that there isn’t something going on like a birthday party, wedding, get together, or otherwise. So naturally my wife and I plan on spending some much needed time at home, however i only made it to the gym this week, 2, out of my bare minimum goal of 3 times, and with Sunday’s relatively impossible to get a workout in on account of being a Pastor, and working most of the day, I knew I had to figure something out!

Like any wise man, I had asked my wife the night before, “If I am going to get to the gym tomorrow, when would be an agreeable time?” You see, success begins and can end with unrealistic, un-communicated, and ultimately, unmet expectations. So we agreed that I can do anything i’d like to do at the gym during our family day, as long as I was home by 9am. Praise God!

The real challenge didn’t come up until my alarm went off at 6am on my first Saturday in months! I’m sure someone can relate with me here, everything inside of me wanted to just pretend like I didn’t hear my alarm go off. Simply grab my phone, and tuck it under my pillow somewhere and just perpetually hit the snooze button until I “Accidentally” turn off the alarm, equipping me with the “Perfectly Acceptable” excuse of, “Awe man! I must’ve accidentally turned off my alarm instead of pushing snooze!” (on the 13th attempt)

After letting this argument go on far to long with myself, 7:00am rolled around, and I began to go through in my mind what was going to happen today if I didn’t get up and get to the gym. Truth be told, I acknowledged that I probably would end up being grumpy because I didn’t get to the gym, and then spend my first Saturday off irritable with my family, and probably projecting that irritation on to my wife who gave me the time constraints of being home by 9:00am, instead of pointed the big fat finger at my lazy self hiding my alarm under my pillow for an hour! I finally acknowledged that I was not going to allow myself to rob my family from a peaceful Saturday afternoon, all because I wanted what would’ve realistically been another 40 minutes of sleep. Plus, I had to pee too, so that helped me get up.

Getting to the gym this morning for my routine, even a little less than my usual routine on account of my sluggish response to self motivation, has empowered me to have the sense of accomplishment to make it through today, no matter what curve ball may come. Additionally, with the kids having fevers and being home from school all week, you can imagine how I may have made some excuses, and had moments of poor meal/snack decisions… like… a lot of them. Yesterday alone I ate a maple bar doughnut, 2 and a half glasses of milk, 4 Reese’s brownie squares (my daughter made) and probably 2 or 3 fruit snack gummy packs. That alone ruined my state of ketosis, but even during setbacks like that, I know that every time I work out, every time I put in the effort, and every time I choose a good meal, or snack, I am transforming my reality from the habits of the past, to the habits of my future. I don’t have to be perfect every day… Not immediately, you see that is the way of thinking that put me on 20 years of Yo-Yo weight gain and loss, because when i wasn’t perfect, and made one mistake, then the rest of that day is “Ruined” and then subsequently, the rest of that week is ruined, then a month! Rather than saying, “Welp, that happened. Lets keep going.”

Lastly, if I didn’t get to the gym today, I wouldn’t have seen that somehow, someway, I managed to drop 1 whole pound!!!! Better, every day! Even if I didn’t see a pound lost this week, I have to finish it out knowing that I got stronger, I made good decisions, and some bad, but thats ok. I am not trying to be the best today, but every day, i’m trying to be better. My measurement for doing so is not based on anyone else’s experience, success stories, or otherwise, but based off of my story, my goals, and my priorities. Let’s get better together.