The Power Of Fear VS The Power Of Truth

Kevin Johnson Uncategorized

I faced a scary situation, and I wanted to burry my head in the sand, but my wife wouldn’t let me.

I wanted to ignore the problem, and just hope it goes away and resolves itself. However in doing that very thing, I was crippling myself in the battlefield of my mind by not addressing this looming thought that was living rent free in my sub-conscience, popping it’s head up at me to cause me to stumble, have stress, and feel defeated at the end of every day!

Did you know that having stress can actually inhibit your body from being able to effectively digest your food, and lose weight! Being stressed out actually increases your bodies production of cortisol, and therefore reduces your bodies production of testosterone which is your muscle building hormone. Over time this will actually decrease your current muscle mass, and increase fat gain! Getting in control of your stress is HUGE! Face your fears TODAY!

Hint: Truth Trumps Fear Every Time!